Gaussian Beams and the Laser Show May 09, 2011

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As always, Qioptiq Photonics will be attending the Munich Laser Show in May 2011.

We will be giving away CD’s with the latest version of

PreDesigner & WinLens3D, and lots of other good stuff.  So do drop by and have a chat!

MachVis ToGo November 05, 2010

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If you are going to the 2010 Machine Vision exhibition, then drop by the Qioptiq stand [Hall 4 Booth D79] and collect a USB stick with the very latest version of MachVis.

Refreshed manuals September 07, 2010

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As part of the general changeover in 2010 from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq, we have taken this opportunity to refresh all the manuals.

General software update - sept 2010 September 02, 2010

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This entry is to give you an overview of a general update to all programs in the WinLens suite, WinLens3DBasic and PreDesigner. These updates willl be available from 6th Sept 2010. 

MachVis 3.5 - whats new October 30, 2009

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Well - the press releases have gone out now, and a video clip uploaded, so we can now tell you about the version 3.5.1 of the MachVis machine vision lens calculator which was released at Vision 2009. The main new feature is access to solid or 3D models...

William Herschel - telescopes in Bath & Space October 02, 2009

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To all those interested in the history of optics and/or astronomy.  If you happen to be visiting Bath [UK] then do make time for a visit to the Herschel House in New Kings Street [about 5 minutes walk from the Roman baths].  At this spot, William Herschel, a noted musician at the time, made his own 7inch newtonian telescope, and with it discovered Uranus in 1781.

MachVis 3.5 is coming! September 18, 2009

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The latest version, MachVis 3.5, is undergoing its final trials with LINOS Photonics staff and key distributors.  It will be demonstrated at Vision 2009, Stuttgart and made available for free download at the normal webpage.

On bugs September 15, 2009

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With any complex software, especially that under active development, there will be bugs of various types.  In this article we will briefly state:

MachVis 3.0 released August 14, 2009

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The Machine Vision lens calculator, MachVis v3.0. has finished its final testing by LINOS staff & key distributors and has been released for general use in mid August 2009.

Possibly the best lens calculator… July 02, 2009

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We were really pleased to see this review of MachVis by Brian Grey earlier this week in the ‘Machine Vision 4 Users’ blog..

WinLens3D and WinLens3D Basic June 22, 2009

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At the Laser Show last week, many people asked ‘what is the difference between WinLens3D and WinLens3D Basic?’

Laser World of Photonics 2009: launch of WinLens3D June 19, 2009

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The Laser Show is one of the premiere exhibitions for the optics industry.  On the LINOS Photonics stand, we displayed WinLens3D for the first time - and were extremely pleased by the level of interest from new and existing users.

Welcome to May 29, 2009

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What is the purpose of this particular website - why would you wish to visit it more than once?

Well, in short, we want to help users of the LINOS Photonics lens design programs - primarily by hosting a series of video clips [screen casts] relating to PreDesigner, WinLens3D, MachVis etc.

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