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Latest version: GlassManager 2.3.6

Sophisticated glass database program with numerous plots, graphs & tables, comprehensive search & sort facilities, obsolete glass lists and doublet creator. 

Data from the major manufacturers includes optical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. 

Custom glass data, including melt derivatives, can be added to the database via the Material Editor.

User selectable wavelengths to customise the standard plots of n - V, V - P etc. Zoom function in all plots & graphs.

Custom plot with user selectable axes from wide range of properties, plus custom colour coding to display third property. 

History logs for rapid recall of previous queries, plot definitions etc.

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

the purposes and features of the glass database program

Clip 2

GlassManager now has the ability to display multiple copies of tables/graphs linked to specific glasses for comparing data

Version history

GlassManager 2.3.6

Latest glasses from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita

GlassManager 2.3.5

Latest glasses from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
Database has been extended to show clearly ECO & moldability status
ECO status now separated out from availability status
Improved glass search includes ECO & moldability and more

NB intermediate updates were either bug fixes or from a re-badging when Qioptiq became part of Excelitas

Glass Manager 2.3.2

- enhancement: latest glass data from CDGM [Chengdu],  Hoya, OHara, Schott & Sumita

Glass Manager 2.3.1

[Available from 6th Sept 2010] Software branding changed from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq [LINOS has been part of the Qioptiq group since 2007]
- new: manual - highly illustrated
- enhancement: latest glass data from Schott, OHara, Hoya, CDGM [Chengdu] & Sumita
- enhancement: ability to clone graphs/tables via right click menu [as many as desired]
- enhancement: ability to lock particular copy of a graph or table to a specific glass
[very helpful for comparing glass data]
- enhancement: significantly upgraded FindGlass dialog [CTRL+F]
- recent glasses list
- search [up to 3 simultaneous conditions] for glassname, maker, index etc - various equalities permitted, including range.
- type ahead list of ‘solutions’ to these conditions

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