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Version 5 of the PreDesigner [Lens Calculator] for Android has just been released and is in the Google Playstore.  There are several interesting new features both technical and social.

Lens nomogram

The app now contains an interactive lens nomogram - this is a really neat way of visualizing the thin lens equation [linking the object, image and focal length] and is a nice alternative to the standard ray diagram.  You can see either or both together.  Both are touch enabled so you can move key features and see the impact immediately in the diagram and the results table.

Social features

We have added a number of social features to add to the value of this app

  • Sharing - you can now share both text data and/or current graphics with one of your contacts, directly from the app
  • Twitter news from Qioptiq -  there is a footer which shows the latest Qioptiq tweet.  You can hide the footer after a short period.  Tap the footer to see a popup list of tweets
  • Google +1 button - if you enjoy this app, and have a google+ account, then simply click the button to ‘like’ it - which will encourage us immensely!

New android permissions

To implement these social features we needed to use five specific android permissions.  That may sound faintly ominous, as though we might be going to get at your contacts or worse.  So, for your peace of mind, here is a full discussion of the permissions and why we need them, along with our privacy policy.

Click here for more info on PreDesigner [Lens Calculator] for Android

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