RSS feeds for OpticalSoftware.NET

Currently we provide the following feeds [in RSS 2.0 format]

NB these feeds may not be used in a third party website without prior written consent.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a clever way of making sure that you automatically get the latest news from a website, without having to visit the site of interest all the time.

If you ‘subscribe’ to a ‘feed’, then the information is automatically sent to a ‘feed reader’ program on your PC, which will then let you know, and provide a precis of the new article or content.  You can then choose to go the site, and see the content in all its proper layout.

‘Subscribe’ simply means that you choose to have that ‘feed’ sent to you.  You don’t have to pay anything! BTW on some other sites you may also see the word ‘Syndicate’ - it means the same thing.

Finding RSS feeds on a website

Not all sites have RSS feeds. How can you tell where they are?

Rss Feed icon Generally, you will see an icon something like this, or you might see a link, with the caption ‘Subscribe’.  Simply click the icon or the link, and you will be offered the chance to add the feed to your RSS reader.

Which feed reader program?

There are many excellent free programs available, or you can use an add-on to your browser.  Here are some ideas:


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