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MachVis 3.8 was launched at Vision 2011 in Stuttgart.  This acclaimed free software enables users to find the optimum Qioptiq machine vision lens and accessories for their tasks.

Much of this update relates to new and ‘modified’ Qioptiq machine vision lenses.

- MeVis CF’s are fixed aperture versions of the MeVis-C 25mm lens.  Having no iris they are more robust and cost less, while still offering the same performance.

- There are new versions of existing lenses which are optimised and coated for the NIR [1 Apo Rodagon, 4 MeVis C’s and an Inspec.x M].

- Finally, versions of some existing lenses [Inspec.x L’s] have been designed to work with a 90deg prism module at the front [object side] of the lens.  The prism module allows bright field illumination with no performance drop – necessary when inspecting objects with significant specular reflection, such as wafers, sensors and solar panels.

Besides having the relevant lens data and accessories in the database, MachVis 3.8 now has a set of checkboxes [on the results tab] to allow you to include/exclude different lens types from the search process.  These types include:
- standard lenses
- Prism lenses
- NIR lenses
- Redundant lenses

Click here for more info on MachVis - download, video clips and version hostory etc.

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