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Version 6 of the PreDesigner [Lens Calculator] for Android has just been released and is in the Google Playstore.  This version will be of especial interest to smart phone users, but are generally applicable.

The user interface has been generally but subtly refreshed.

The buttons offering Undo, Expand, Drawing-type, Share, which used to occupy spaces in the general display, have been moved to the Menu [Action Bar].  Settings, Help, and About are now in the Action Bar Overflow along with options to reset [to default lens], rate the app and to make suggestions.

To help optimize the screen layout [specially useful on smaller displays] there is now:
- button to show/hide key parameter area [temporarily]
- button to launch a dialog to show/hide graphics [in single column mode] and different sections of the results table.  These choices will be remembered from session to session.

Finally the is a better display of aperture related results, indicating when selected value is ‘too large’ - we use a practical value with the f number infinity of 0.9.  Larger apertures are clearly shown with red text in the results table.

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