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The Laser Show is one of the premiere exhibitions for the optics industry.  On the LINOS Photonics stand, we displayed WinLens3D for the first time - and were extremely pleased by the level of interest from new and existing users.

Before the exhibition opened, most exhibitors were concerned about the current economic climate, and whether anyone would actually come!  However, in the actual event, visitors were continual and had real, focused questions to ask relating to actual projects..

As to WinLens3D - this has been in the works for a long time now.  As the name suggests, this allows users to handle systems with tilts and decenters for the first time in WinLens.

The actual raytraceing through tilted and decentered surfaces is of course straightforward.  However, there was an awful lot of extra work required to make it useable.  One example is determining the corrections needed to keep following components in the same place, after a lens has been tilted [this is a default option].  Graphs had to lose symmetry assumptions. etc

And prisms… visitors loved seeing a complex prism being setup in 5-10 seconds, using the new prism wizard.  This allows users to select a prism type from a whole range of reflective and refractive prisms, and then merely enter a few key dimensions.  WinLens then calculates all the necessary tilts and places the surfaces accordingly [there is a nice video clip showing this exact process, so do have a look].

On a personal note, it was a real pleasure to met many old users, some for the first time - thank you all for your encouraging words!

Don’t forget - WinLens3DBasic is available free of charge and can be downloaded from

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