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Latest version: PreDesigner v1.30

Simple optical layout program / lens calculator. Assess & illustrate the key paraxial or Gaussian beam parameters for an imaging system.

PD [paraxial mode] has graphical display of paraxial layout, user selected key conjugate, field & aperture parameters from comprehensive lists of options, table of all paraxial values defining the system plus slider based variation of chosen parameters with real time graph/table update.

PD [Gaussian mode] has graphical display of Gaussian beam layout, user selected key conjugate & beam parameters from comprehensive lists of options, table of all Gaussian values defining the system plus slider based variation of chosen parameters with real time graph/table update.  Circular or rectangular [laser diode] beams can be modelled.

  * Simple to use
  * Suitable for students, teachers, sales engineers and optical designers
  * Useful for learning and teaching fundamentals of optical design
  * Helps to show consequences of customer requirements (including incompatibilities!)
  * Customise symbols to suit your preferences
  * German or English versions available
  * Toggle between paraxial and Gaussian beam modes
  * Toggle between lens & mirror mode [paraxial mode]
  * Depth of focus/field calculations [paraxial mode]
  * Interactive aperture-field plot. Expanded version shows typical lens systems for different regions. [paraxial mode]
  * Beam Propagation factor & depth of focus [Gaussian mode]
  * Suggested list of Qioptiq components [Gaussian mode]

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

An overview of PreDesigner - a free optical layout program - to find lens layout needed to meet project requirements

Clip 2

extra features, e.g. standard detector formats, principle plane separations, mirror mode, depth of focus calculations, symbols

Clip 3

Gaussian beam mode in PreDesigner - how to access and drive the simple gaussian beam propagation anaysis tool

Version history

PreDesigner v1.30

Users can now choose different units for the different key values, e.g object distance in m, focal length in cm and image distance in mm.  These choices are set in a new dialog with many metric and imperial options and then remembered by the program for future use.

PreDesigner v1.29

Latest Qioptiq catalog lens list for the Gaussian Beam mode - lens suggestions

NB v1.28 was a re-badging when Qioptiq became part of Excelitas

PreDesigner v1.27

Drawings can now be edited by dragging on key features with the mouse
- Lens Drawing: object distance or height, image distance or height, focal points [change focal length] and aperture.
- Gaussian Beam Drawing: ‘object’ distance [drag the lens], image distance, detector, focal points [change focal length], lens aperture, beam diameter or rayleigth range.

On drag editing, the key parameters may change to refelct the choice. The results table and drawing will update as you drag.

Gaussian Beam mode.  For some combinations of key parameters, there are two valid solutions - a check box will appear to allow you to view the alternate solution.

PreDesigner v1.26.1

This update contains some nice Gaussian Beam mode enhancements
- rectangular laser diode modelling - with a seperate graphs and tabular data for both cross sections
- rectangular diode - beam circularisation tool [modelling the use of 2 crossed cylinders]

PreDesigner v1.25.1

Correction to ensuring ‘extra info’ for gaussian beam always up to date when viewing depth of focus and suggested qioptiq lenses

PreDesigner v1.25.0

Small but useful update for the Gaussian beam mode.  You may define a detector plane which is fixed with respect to the lens, irrespective of the image beam waist location.  If you do so, the beam radius on the detector will be shown in the results table, and the detector plane will be drawn. 

PreDesigner v1.0.24

This is a major update to PreDesigner - a new Gaussian beam mode for all who are interested in laser beam calculations.  All items listed relate to this new mode
- suitable key parameter choices
- plot of beam profile from laser to image waist
- numerical table of key data
- slider or text box update to key parameters causes update of plot/table
- move cursor over plot to see beam diameter, radius of curvature at any point
- sub plots of object/f v image/f and object/f v mag
- choice of scalings for diagram
- optional Beam Propagation factor, M^2
- depth of focus for the Gaussian beam
- list of appropriate Qioptiq components for current requirements
Manual extended covering new Gaussian beam features

PreDesigner v1.0.23

[Available from 6th September 2010] Software branding changed from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq [LINOS has been part of Qioptiq since 2007]
manual refreshed

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