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This entry is about a general update to the optical design programs in June 2017. It is mainly driven by enhancements to the optical glass data from the main manufacturers.

Glass data is absolutely essential to optical design programs.

In recent years the big Optical glass makers [CDGM, Hikari[Nikon], Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita] have created a number of glasses that are particularly suitable for molding. Many current glasses are also ECO friendly.  The manufacturers all seem to use different pre or post letters in the names to indicate which are what - which can be confusing.

Previous we had a single status flag that mixed up the availability and the ECO state of the glasses.  In all the programs we have now separated this into three flags:
- Availability [Recommended, Available? and Obsolete]
- ECO / non ECO
- Moldable / non-moldable
We have added tools to allow you to easily choose the types that you need. The glass search tools have been extended where possible.

We have also taken this opportunity to correct a historical limitation in the WinLens3D standard glass data files, which could only handle dispersion equations with six coefficients.  This has now been remedied so that we can now supply the latest Hikari data which uses nine coefficients.

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