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Latest version: MachVis 5.2.0

Simple, easy to use, powerful lens calculator for Qioptiq Machine Vision lenses [Rodagon, Rogonar, MeVis-C & Inspec.x lens families]. Now also includes the Optem and mag.x micro inspection systems - with custom configurators.

Given your key object distance and size parameters, MachVis will show all lenses meeting those parameters.  For each lens, MachVis will display all the auxiliary equipment needed to fit the lens to your camera at the correct spatial location for best performance.

Includes schematic of lens flange focal distance, working distance, object/image heights etc, diagram of complete system, ability to save, load &  printout projects and view PDF’s of the lenses with engineering & MTF data & PDF’s of accessories plus Solid models of the lenses and accessories all ready to import into your CAD package.

BTW, if you want to see what machine vision industry experts say about MachVis then look here, here and here in the ‘Machine Vision 4 Users’ website.

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

Overview of MachVis 5: purpose and user interface basics

Clip 2

How to enter your optical requirements into MachVis 5

Clip 3

Notes on creating and using camera data files in MachVis 5

Clip 4

Using the mag.X and Optem setup dialogs in MachVis 5

Clip 5

Using the Optem configurator in MachVis 5

Version history

MachVis 5.2.0

- New camera adapters: TFL [M35*0.75] and TFL II [M48*0.75] in main program
- New Lens: Inspec.x L Float 5.6/120
- New Lens: d.fine HR 2.4/128 3.33x - ultra high resolution lens with large 82mm image circle, resolving down to 3.5um
- Update: mag.x configurator refreshed plus new base unit [-089], new actuator/autofocus options, new mount options and complete new range of camera adapters]
- Update: Optem FOV plot shows image size when appropriate
- Update: Optem SWIR options - allows imaging in NIR/SWIR
- Update: Optem configurator
- Update: Optem camera tube image size limit on sensor size now modelled [compliments the lower lens FOV limit]
- Updated part numbers for improved Apo Rodagon D 2x and Inspec.x L 4/100
- mproved optical models for the internal MeVisC lens movements
- Obsolete: Focus adapters, but retained for backward compatibility
- Obsolete: Flo.x lens, but retained for backward compatibility

MachVis 5.1.0

- Custom setup dialog to set specifications to get a chosen standard lens [Rogonar, Rodagon, MeVis-C, Inspec] at top of the solutions list
- Optem: Fetura zoom module added as alternative to standard 12.5:1 zoom
- Optem: Tunable Lens Focus Module provides alternative focus mechanism to existing steppers
- Optem: New LED light source
- Printout: Field of View diagrams added for mag.X, Optem and standard lenses
- New Options form: dialog to allow user choice of locations for various key files & downloads

MachVis 5.0.6

- New: Optem Fusion micro inspection system - over two hundred different objective & camera tube combinations
...Custom Optem setup dialog to set specifications for a specific Optem system
...Custom Optem configurator to choose key units, illumination & control sub systems and more
- New: dialog to limiting the number of mag.x/Optem solutions displayed
- New mag.x lens: 8x objective.  NA 0.32 with diffraction limited performance over all field [106mm x 55mm (L x Ø)] and 24mm working distance.
- New mag.x lens: 1.73x camera tube.  With the new objective we go from four to nibe possible mag.x systems
- Additions to mag.x accessories, including 2 new compact base units supporting polarisation filters, optional DIC module, X95 Carrier and a mount for the Direct adapter base unit - now available in base unit. Modified lighting options.  Finger Lakes camera adapter for the 2.25x tube lens.
- Obsolete mag.x accessories - large base units - removed from configurator
- Refreshed mag.x setup and configurator dialogs
- Full metal mounts for some standard lenses
- Azimuth marked mounts for some standard lenses - best azimuth for line scan systems

MachVis 4.1.0

- New lenses: Rodagon M42’s 40, 50 & 60mm focal length - robust lenses for line scan in high vibration environments  
- New lens: Rodagon 35mm - new design
- New lens: MeVis-C Traffic 1.6/25 – minimal focus shift under different lighting conditions
- New Modular Focus unit – more stable than older version
- Updated datasheets

MachVis 4.0.1

New lenses plus a custom configurator for the new mag.x system 125 inspection microscope:
- Custom mag.x configurator to choose base unit, illumination sub system, filters and more.
- New lens: inspec.x float with 0.3x to 3.0x mag range
- New lens: flo.x - variable focal length optic
- New camera adapter: S Mount [for the flo.x lens only]
- Updated data sheets
- Help file completely revised

MachVis 3.9.0

Over twenty news lenses and a new camera mount type have been included in this version
- 9 MeVis CF lenses of 16, 35 and 50mm efl, with available apertures of f1.8, f2.8 or f4
- 13 CCD-Macro lenses
- new M95 Camera adapter option
- Focus tubes and camera adapters for the M95
- Various small enhancements

MachVis 3.8.0

- New lenses - MeVis-CF’s and some Inpsec.x’s
- Some lenses coated & optimised for NIR
- Some Inspecs designed to work with a 90prism
- New options to allow users to include/exclude NIR & Prism lenses from the search

MachVis 3.7.1

- Rebadged from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq
- 2 new lenses: Apo-Rodagon HR 0.5x and the inspec.x L 3.5/105 5x
- New adapter so that inspec.x L lenses can work with the modular focus units
- New order numbers included - this wont affect old projects - the same lenses/parts will be selected
- Many small enhancements

MachVis 3.6.1

- 2 new lenses - the Rodagon F 40 and the Rodagon F 60.  Both are f/4 and are designed for magnification between -0.5 and 0 [infinity]
- standard sensor dimensions are now displayed in the sensor dimension boxes IF a standard sensor is chosen
- protection against corrupt INI file causing a crash

MachVis 3.5.1

- calculation speed increase by 10-20x
- solid models available for all lenses and accessories.  These can be downloaded individually, in STEP or PARASOLID format, by clicking a link in the appropriate lens or accessory table.
- pdf datasheets for all accessories
- pdf preview of accessory datasheets
- options to specify pdfs in the camera list.  If used then these can be previewed
- email quotation request for current solution
- email request option for custom lens discussion, if no standard lens solution available
- Rodagon F 50 and Inspec.x L 4/105 3.5x added

MachVis 3.0.1

- ported to .NET for future compatiblity
- added option to select a camera from user supplied camera list[s] as an alternative to selecting sensor size, camera mount & cbd
- added overview form and data sheets for LINOS mechanical accessories
- added field for designer name
- file extension .spec is now associated to MachVis on installation
- corrected data for inspec.x L 4/60 and 4/100
- changed order numbers for Rodagon 28 and Apo-Rodagon D 120
- removed Apo Rodagon D2 50mm

MachVis v2.0.2-2.0.5

Version 2.0.2
- enlarging lenses can now be calculated in retro position
- extension rings for MeVis-C lenses are suggested if necessary
- instead of object dimension the magnification can be specified
- the recommended magnification range of the lenses can be extended for calculations
- sliders for small adjustments of object size and working distance
- calculation of DOF for user defined f-stops
- complete length of optics is displayed on the printout
- updated datasheets
- wrong lens adapter with Apo-Rodagon D 120 is corrected

Version 2.0.3:
- bug fix: Magnification is used for the printout if specified instead of object size
- bug fix: inspec.x L 5.6/105 is now also suggested in retro position

Version 2.0.4:
- bug fix: Focus Unit order numbers for special lenses corrected
- new graphics for inspec.x L 4.0/60 and 4.0/100
- updated data sheets for inspec.x L 5.6/105 and inspec.x M 2.8/100
- phone numbers updated
- updated Rodagon-WA 40 data

Version 2.0.5:
- bug fix: PCs running chinese windows did not show inspec.x L 5.6/105 lenses
- added new Rodagon F 50mm lens
- slight changes of lens data (inspec.x M 2.8/100)
- bug fix: corrected lens adaptor for Rodagon WA 80

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