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At the Laser Show last week, many people asked ‘what is the difference between WinLens3D and WinLens3D Basic?’

Economically WinLens3DBasic[WL3DBasic] is available free, whereas WinLens3D [WL3D] is available as part of the WinLens suite.

WL3DBasic has all the features for dealing with tilts and decenters [including prisms] found in WL3D.  It has most of the other features, except:

  • no optimisation
  • no ghost analysis
  • no footprint analysis
  • no MTF v Field plot

Obviously the optimisation is essential for the design of custom systems - but for learning lens design & modelling systems WL3DBasic is extremely valuable - as is demonstrated by the fact that is is used by many leading european technical universities for teaching optical design.

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