OEM: product definition, design, prototyping, manufacture, distribution & after-sales support

Qioptiq [LINOS Photonics] provides comprehensive custom design, development & manufacturing support to OEMs and integrators who require advanced optical and photonic solutions for applications in:

  • machine vision
  • biomedical
  • semiconductor
  • scientific research
  • metrology
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • laser material processing

As a globally active manufacturer of sophisticated optical systems, Qioptiq designs, develops and produces for market leaders from the most varied industry and research sectors.

Qioptiq plants can be found in Munich, Göttingen, Regen and Warsaw, and have a long and proud tradition of high quality work, but its customers are to be found world wide.

Because Qioptiq has significant expertise in lens design, coating & optical system creation and has vast manufacturing expertise &amp capability, it can offer a seamless experience to the customer from initial contact, through product definition, design, development and production right up to after-sales service. As a result Qioptiq has many long term partnerships that extend across many product generations.

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