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Version 7 of the PreDesigner [Lens Calculator] for Android has just been released and is in the Google Playstore.  This version will be of especial interest to people who want to work with dimensions in something other than millimeters.  It also offers the ability to see the near and far sharp planes in the lens drawings - properly scaled!

Previously all linear dimensions have been in millimeters.  Now, PreDesigner supports a wide range of units from microns to kilometers and from mil [thou] to miles.  These can be applied to key parameters individually, so, as an extreme example, you might choose to have:
- focal length in millimeters
- object distance in kilometers or miles
- image distance in centimeters
- object height in feet
- image height in inches
- circle of confusion in microns
Your choices are made via drop down lists in the new Units form [accessed via the menu]

The results table section showing depth of focus/field values has been improved, especially for values at infinity.  This section is only completed for real object, real image cases.  To further assist users interested in this, there are now options in the settings to show the near and/or far sharp planes in the lens drawing.  NB this may impact the drawing scaling, especially for large depth of field.  If the far sharp plane is less than 5x the object distance, the the diagram will be scaled to show the far sharp plane - otherwise there is an indication given that the far sharp is ‘distant’!

Finally, if you want to make a quick change to the ‘circle of confusion’, long press that item in the results table and a dialog with some typical values will appear.

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