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We are pleased to announce the launch of Qioptiq Predesigner [Lens Calculator] - a free Android App.  This can be found in the Google Playstore.

Lens Calculator is derived from PreDesigner for PC, and is designed to run on Android smartphones [single column mode] or tablets [two column mode].  It will be of use to all sorts of people ranging from full time optical designers, through engineers and researchers, lectures and teachers to university students and high school students - anyone with an interest in geometric optics.

PreDesigner is based around the ‘Lens equation’.  Given values for key parameters, Lens Calculator will find the other paraxial values and generate a ray-diagram and a table of precise values.  The ray diagram is touch-editable, so you can get a real feel for the parameter interactions.  The table shows conjugate, field, aperture and depth-of-focus values.

PreDesigner has a number of useful options:

  • wide choice of key parameters - to suite your precise task
  • lens or mirror mode
  • display paraxial or construction rays
  • different refractive indices in object and image space in lens mode
  • principle plane separation in lens mode

Click here for PreDesigner [Lens Calculator] page on Playstore:   Goto Google Play page for Qioptiq PreDesigner Lens Calculator

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