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Latest version: Tolerancer 2.2.12

Tool for optical engineers - from tolerance analysis to custom ISO 10110 drawings.

Sensitivity analysis, tolerance editors, Monte Carlo simulations of manufacture, ISO 10110 drawing with powerful editing facilities.

NB this is for systems which are rotationally symmetric by design - though of course it does model & tolerance tilts and decenters!

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

This is an introduction to Tolerancing as a subject - not Tolerancer as a program

Clip 2

An overview of Tolerancer - setting intelligent tolerances and creating engineering drawings for the lens

Clip 3

Start editing the ISO 10110 lens drawings in Tolerancer

Clip 4

ISO drawings and the preview form options [zoom, symbol location, extra text & aspherics

Clip 5

ISO drawings and how to customise the language, layout, logo and font

Clip 6

ISO drawings and how to copy tolerances or apply defaults

Clip 7

ISO drawings and cemented components

Version history

Tolerancer 2.2.12

Latest glass data from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
Now handles Qioptiq files with the Qioptiq aspheric condensors

Tolerancer 2.2.11

Latest glass data from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita

Tolerancer 2.2.10

Latest glass data from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
Latest Qioptiq catalog components

NB Intermediate versions were either mainly bug fixes or a re-badging when Qioptiq became part of Excelitas

Tolerancer 2.2.7

- refreshed icons
- enhancement: latest glass data from CDGM [Chengdu] Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
- enhancement: latest Qioptiq components - including the new hyperchromates

Tolerancer 2.2.5

[Available from 6th September 2010] Software branding changed from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq [LINOS has been part of Qioptiq since 2007]
- enhancement: Glass Data updated to latest materials from Schott, CDGM [Chengdu], Ohara, Hoya, Sumita

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