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Well - the press releases have gone out now, and a video clip uploaded, so we can now tell you about the version 3.5.1 of the MachVis machine vision lens calculator which was released at Vision 2009. The main new feature is access to solid or 3D models...

You can download the full install for MachVis 3.5 here!

You can now access solid models available for all lenses and accessories.

example of LINOS solid model of lens & accessories

  These can be downloaded individually, in STEP214 or PARASOLID format, by clicking a link in the appropriate lens or accessory table.  These formats are widely used in the CAD world.

This means that mechanical engineers can now have instant access to accurate 3D data, provided by the manufacturer LINOS - instead of slaving away for hours.  Clearly this will have huge benefits when modelling a complete system.

Another significant improvement is a 10-20x speed improvement in calculation speed compared to v3.0.  Now it has to be said that the speed increase won’t normally be perceptible!  This is because the calculation time was usually less than that needed to refresh the displays.  However in certain circumstances - particularly dealing with lenses in retro orientation - the calculations in v3.0 could take 10-20 seconds.  Clearly the speed increase is very significant here.

I should also note that there are now pdf’s of all LINOS accessories - focusers. adaptors, extension tubes etc.  Obviously these don’t have MTF curves!

There is now a quotation request button in the main menu - this will load your email client and prepare text based upon the current system.  All you have to do is check it over, enter the number of systems and send the email.

Sometimes there is no suitable solution with the lenses referenced in MachVis.  Now you will still see the theoretical solution, and can email a request for a discussion with the LINOS machine vision department.  They will be happy to review your task, and make suggestions.  It may be that an off-the shelf solution is available, but sometimes a custom solution from LINOS may be more appropriate. 

Finally, for those using the camera files, as discussed in the previous update. You can now add the name of a pdf to the end of a row for a camera.
If this pdf is present in the ‘camera_datasheets’ subfolder than you can preview that pdf - it means that you have the camera data at your fingertips…

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