Rodagon, Rogonar, MeVis-C & Inspec lenses for Machine Vision Projects

Qioptiq [LINOS Photonics] is a world leader in the development and production of sophisticated optical systems.  In the spring of 2000, Qioptiq acquired the assets of the Industrial Optics division of Rodenstock Pr√§zisionsoptik greatly enhancing the range of Machine Vision Lenses.  Since then, Qioptiq has continued to develop capabilities and products that deliver world-class optical solutions for the most demanding customers.

Qioptiq has been designing and building the highest quality photographic and industrial lenses for over 100 years.  Qioptiq engineers work closely together to capitalize on the techniques developed by their co-workers. For example, the high resolution and light capturing ability of the MeVis-C lens stemed from theirwork with Low Light Level imaging requirements This close cooperation, between our Qioptiq engineers and customers, enables Qioptiq to continually develop the products that enable their customers.

Qioptiq provides both a large number of standardized high end CCD lenses [nearly 40 in the MeVisC, Rodagon, ApoRodagon, Rogonar & Inspec ranges alone] with a wide variety of focusers, extension tubes and other accessories required to make the complete optical system for a machine vision application.  The MachVis program was developed to help you find the best combination of lenses and accessories to suite your requirements.

Qioptiq will also develop customized solutions for any purpose in the machine vision world. Areas for which Qioptiq systems have been used include:

  • Surveillance/Security: Inspection of traffic
  • Semiconductor production: Wafer inspection
  • Electronics: PCB inspection
  • Pharma: Packing control
  • Textiles: Strange part detection
  • Printing: Colour consistance
  • Postal/Banking: ID reading
  • Packaging: Barcode reading
  • Food processing:Colour/Form
  • Biometrics: Fingerprints Eye-Iris
  • Medical: Medicine configuration
  • Transport/Traffic: Inspection of overhead contact lines of railways

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