MachVis 3.5 - whats new October 30, 2009

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Well - the press releases have gone out now, and a video clip uploaded, so we can now tell you about the version 3.5.1 of the MachVis machine vision lens calculator which was released at Vision 2009. The main new feature is access to solid or 3D models...

William Herschel - telescopes in Bath & Space October 02, 2009

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To all those interested in the history of optics and/or astronomy.  If you happen to be visiting Bath [UK] then do make time for a visit to the Herschel House in New Kings Street [about 5 minutes walk from the Roman baths].  At this spot, William Herschel, a noted musician at the time, made his own 7inch newtonian telescope, and with it discovered Uranus in 1781.