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Latest version: Material Editor 1.1.5

The Material Editor is a simple utility that enables you to create, edit and manage custom materials for the WinLens3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager programs.
All material data is stored in its own local database, but can be exported to WinLens3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager so that the different programs have the same information.  Easy to create glass melts, and to import glass data.

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

Using MatEd to create or import special materials and making melt glasses

Version history

Material Editor 1.1.5

[Available from 6th September 2010] Software branding changed from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq [LINOS has been part of Qioptiq since 2007]
- new: manual - detailed and highly illustrated
- enhancement: interface tidied up slightly

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