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Version 2.3.1 is a very significant update - it provides very significant new features for finding and comparing glasses - the main purpose of Glass Manager.

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You can now:
- clone any table or graph that shows data for a single glass [make multiple independent copies of those windows]
- lock any of those windows to display data for a specific glass
That makes it much easier to directly compare data for several glasses at once.

The FindGlass dialog is now vastly more powerful.  Instead of just allowing you to hunt for a specific glass name, it now has:
- recent glasses list [click to select]
- search [up to 3 simultaneous conditions] for glass name, maker, index etc - various equalities permitted, including range.
- type ahead list of ‘solutions’ to these conditions - click to select
- remembers last search setup

The Obsolete Glass form now allows you to find comparisons to any glass - not just obsolete glasses

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