Clip 1: PreDesigner: an introduction...

PreDesigner is for those learning lens design and for all optical engineers. It is useful at the beginning of a lens design project, when some basic optical requirements are known, and you want to find the unknown parameters of the lens and the system layout details, such as lengths, heights and magnification.

This clip shows how to use PreDesigner to answer your ‘what if’ questions and some of the other nice features within it.

Clip 2: PreDesigner: extra features...

We discuss some further features in PreDesigner:

  • Using the list of standard detector formats
  • The advanced tab [principle plane separation, different refractive indices for object/image space
  • Mirror mode for analysing simple mirror layouts
  • Depth of focus & field calculations
  • Symbols - how to enter your own values


Clip 3: PreDesigner: Gaussian beam calculator...

We discuss the Gaussian beam mode in PreDesigner:

  • how to access the gaussian beam mode
  • key parameters including beam in object or image space
  • beam profile plot and data table
  • sub plots of s/f v s’/f’ - giving insight into the beam properties
  • further options including fixed detector distance, beam propagation factor, depth of focus and suggested Qioptiq components