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The author covers a significant set of relevant issues for opto-mechanical engineers in this book - from mounting principles through choices of materials for different tasks. The book is an excellent resource for mechanical and opto-mechanical engineers who design systems that contain optics.


Paul Yoder


This text compiles a vast amount of information about new optical instruments, new tools and techniques for designing, building, and testing hardware, and the performance of major systems from throughout the literature into a single source. This third edition offers expanded coverage of the progress of the ISO and the OEOSC, catadioptric systems, semikinetic mountings for prisms, techniques for bonding prisms and small mirrors in their mounts, and mountings for variable orientation mirrors to include larger substrate diameters. The author has added discussions on laser damage to optics, special coatings for opto-mechanical materials, and mounting lenses on fixtures, among others.


CRC Press


3rd edition 2005



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