Optical Design & Optical Engineering are highly complex subjects.  Over the years we have found a number of books to be very useful, so we hope that you will benefit from these.  Follow the links to individual pages with full details, ISBN, publisher, plus Amazon link.

Aberrations of Optical Systems by Walter Welford

Excellent exposition of aberration theory and raytracing, rather than a practical discussion of lens design. This… review and details [amazon info: Aberrations of Optical Systems]

Lens Design Fundamentals by Rudolf Kingslake

A great text for learning by one of the true masters of 20th-Century lens design. [by RY] - goes into a lot of… review and details [amazon info: Lens Design Fundamentals ]

Modern Lens Design by Warren J. Smith

This book is superb because it lays out different lens design forms suitable for different f-number and FOV. Different… review and details [amazon info: Modern Lens Design (McGraw-Hill Professional Engineering) ]

Modern Optical Engineering by Warren J. Smith

This is a great reference text for a practicing optical engineer. Mr. Smith does an excellent jobof putting many… review and details [amazon info: Modern Optical Engineering, 4th Ed.]

Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments by Paul Yoder

This book goes into great detail about how to mount optics. It is relevant for optical engineers as they consider… review and details [amazon info: Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments, 2nd Edition (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM181) ]

Optical Shop Testing by Daniel Malacara

3rd Ed of this classic. Testing optical systems - for the designer and the engineer. This readable classic covers… review and details [amazon info: Optical Shop Testing]

Opto-Mechanical Systems Design by Paul Yoder

The author covers a significant set of relevant issues for opto-mechanical engineers in this book - from mounting… review and details [amazon info: Opto-Mechanical Systems Design, Third Edition (Optical Science and Engineering)]

Principles of Optics by Max Born and Emil Wolf

Full theoretical discussion of optics in general - a rigorous mathematical approach. Key reference book on electromagnetic… review and details [amazon info: Principles of Optics]

The Ray and Wave Theory of Lenses by Adriaan Walther

This is a real gem because it approaches geometrical optics and aberration theory from a physical optics standpoint.… review and details [amazon info: The Ray and Wave Theory of Lenses (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics) ]