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Tolerancer <span class=

Latest version: Tolerancer 2.2.7

Tool for optical engineers - from tolerance analysis to custom ISO 10110 drawings.

Sensitivity analysis, tolerance editors, Monte Carlo simulations of manufacture, ISO 10110 drawing with powerful editing facilities.

Screencasts [video clips]

Clip 1

This is an introduction to Tolerancing as a subject - not Tolerancer as a program

Clip 2

An overview of Tolerancer - setting intelligent tolerances and creating engineering drawings for the lens

Clip 3

Start editing the ISO 10110 lens drawings in Tolerancer

Clip 4

ISO drawings and the preview form options [zoom, symbol location, extra text & aspherics

Clip 5

ISO drawings and how to customise the language, layout, logo and font

Clip 6

ISO drawings and how to copy tolerances or apply defaults

Clip 7

ISO drawings and cemented components

Version history

Tolerancer 2.2.7

- refreshed icons
- enhancement: latest glass data from CDGM [Chengdu] Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
- enhancement: latest Qioptiq components - including the new hyperchromates

Tolerancer 2.2.5

[Available from 6th September 2010] Software branding changed from LINOS Photonics to Qioptiq [LINOS has been part of Qioptiq since 2007]
- enhancement: Glass Data updated to latest materials from Schott, CDGM [Chengdu], Ohara, Hoya, Sumita

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