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This book goes into great detail about how to mount optics. It is relevant for optical engineers as they consider how the optics in their design can be mounted - which impacts performance, tolerances, athermalization, and host of other relevant issues. Moreover, for optomechanical enginers the text provides valuable information about the design of robust mounts in optical applications. [by RY]


Paul Yoder


Entirely updated to cover the latest technology, this Second Edition gives optical designers and optomechanical engineers a thorough understanding of the principal ways in which optical components--lenses, windows, filters, shells, domes, prisms, and mirrors of all sizes--are mounted in optical instruments.

Along with new information on tolerancing, sealing considerations, elastomeric mountings, alignment, stress estimation, and temperature control, two new chapters address the mounting of metallic mirrors and the alignment of reflective and catadioptric systems.

The updated accompanying CD-ROM offers a convenient spreadsheet of the many equations that are helpful in solving problems encountered when mounting optics in instruments.


SPIE Publications


2nd Edition [2008]



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